Come and join a community of amazing people from all walks of life! learn the same step by step process I have used to maintain my own mindset & physical health in a holistic way! As I share my own personal journey through these programmes/courses, on how I raise my vibration, changed my mindset, using Music and the Holistic Arts as my platform, along with powerful Energy healing modalities, NLP techniques, Hypnotherapy, Plant medicine, Nutrition, Dance and Exercise.
Not only do I tell you my story, I show you exactly how you can use the same techniques to facilitate your own journey! Having long lasting effects that will improve your quality of life.
It's changed my life and with the right guidance and tools, it can change yours too...

"Raise you're vibration and feed your Soul"

Rena Reiki Cokayne

"I empower people to shift

their mindset, step into their confidence and achieve their goals"


Rena Reiki Cokayne

Ask yourself this question!

How would it impact your life, if you had the tools & techniques, with a clear road map & plan of action, so that you can effectively achieve your goals and live the life you always wanted?
Priceless right?....
This is what my courses and programmes are offering you and you can start today, right now!
You have a chance to take back control of your life!
Are you ready?
"It all starts with you,
come show the world what you can do"
Rena Reiki Cokayne.

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"Amazing treatment, welcoming lady, knowledgeable & made me feel extremely comfortable have already booked more treatments.”

PAIGE *****

"Felt at ease, Really great massage got all the knots out, well worth the visit Thank you.”


“Rena is very knowledgeable & empathic, she is great at her job, will definately recommend.”

PETER *****