7 day Chakra activation audio Meditation

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What's included in this 7 day Chakra Cleanse audio Meditation class: Each day you will be given a specific meditation to do that corresponds with a particular energy centre (Chakra) starting with your first Root Chakra at the base of your spine. You have 7 main Chakras and each day you will be guided to do specific breathing, visualisations, or chants that enhances the vibrational frequency of this Chakra allowing for deep healing to take place. Kick starting the bodies natural healing process, allowing optimal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. This course is only for seven days and has to be done consecutively for you to feel the full benefits, so you must be committed to this process. What you focus your attention on you get more of! What you focus your attention on you get more of!

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Women Of Worth Way (WOW) Meditation classes

Women Of Worth Way (WOW) Meditation classes

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